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ABC Auto Care is the leader in fuel management systems in Ventura, specializing in the service and repair of auto fuel systems. The automotive fuel system is designed to operate with the rest of the control system in the engine to reduce your auto's emissions and ensure optimal performance during driving. The fuel system in your car should be inspected quickly at our Ventura auto shop if you believe there to be an issue or you smell gas. The fuel system moves fuel between the fuel tank and the fuel injectors, passing the fuel for cleaning purposes through the fuel filter. The pressure regulator in the fuel system controls fuel pressure to make ensure the engine performs properly under varying speeds and load conditions. A metered amount of fuel is sprayed into the engine cylinders when reaching the fuel injectors prior to being ignited and in turn power your vehicle. Most modern auto use a return line system. The return line system returns unused fuel to the fuel tank that is then re-circulated in the fuel system.

Your auto's fuel system's service and repair needs are determined by multiple considerations that contribute to its wear and tear. These include fuel quality in your auto, the auto's age, mileage, driving conditions, and maintenance history. Signs that you may be having problems with your fuel system include bad fuel usage, the automobile not starting, or the "check engine" light showing on the dashboard.

ABC Auto Care is thought to be the leading fuel system station in Ventura for the repair and service of automotive fuel systems. The staff of our automotive repair shop are professionals when it comes to troubleshooting your fuel system and can quickly get you back behind the wheel of your car and onto the roads of Ventura. If you have concerns with any part of your fuel system consider our Ventura shop for all your fuel system needs, including fuel filter and pump installs, fuel injector replacement and testing, fuel tank removal and replacement, and more! Whatever your fuel system concern may be, bring your auto to our Ventura repair shop for all your fuel system repair service needs.
Our Fuel System services include the following:
Fuel System FAQ

ABC Auto Care is pleased to offer answers to frequently asked questions about the fuel system services offered at our business in Ventura.

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