Ventura CA Automotive Lighting & Wipers

The automotive lighting and wiper system in your auto play an important part in enabling you to operate your vehicle safely in and around the streets of Ventura. The chance of you having an accident increases if you aren't able to see (or be seen) when operating your auto. If you have a problem with your wipers or lights we recommend that you should bring your auto to our Ventura auto repair shop for a complimentary inspection. The wipers were developed to give you clear visibility when driving. This is done by removing excessive water, snow, or dirt from building up on the windshield of your automobile. The lights are used to give you the needed visibility for driving at nightime, seeing dashboard instruments, interior lights, and alerting pedistrians and other drivers of your intention to stop, turn, or of emergency situations. The parts of the lighting and wiper systems need regular replacment due to many reasons, including driving conditions, frequency of use, the material used in making the light or wiper parts. You may be having issues with your lights or wipers if you notice wiper chattering or streaking while driving, a rapidly blinking signal light, or dimming lights.

The ABC Auto Care staff of auto repair specialists at our Ventura shop are professionally trained in the service and repair of auto lighting and wipers. The safety of your passengers and you is our concern and because of that our technicians use only the best auto repair equipment at our Ventura repair shop.
Our Lighting & Wipers services include the following:
Lighting & Wipers FAQ

ABC Auto Care is pleased to offer answers to frequently asked questions about the lighting & wipers services offered at our business in Ventura.

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How can I polish my headlights?