How Much Does It Cost To Fix Alignment Problems?

ABC Auto Care is often asked by our customers in and around the Ventura area how much it cost to fix alignment problems. Our service advisors tell our clients they can expect to pay about $95 to $155 for a four wheel alignment . ABC Auto Care tells our clients that a wheel alignment is important as it helps ensure all four wheels are running parallel to one another and the tires are hitting the pavement at the proper angle. When wheels are not aligned properly, problems such as irregular tire wear, a crooked steering wheel, or poor vehicle handling may result, in addition to less than desired miles per gallon. A wheel alignment at ABC Auto Care can generally take about 1 hour from the time we start to work on the vehicle. BE AWARE! Many bargain shops will refer to it as "alignment" when all they do is set the toe, which is only a small portion of the alignment.

Our wheel alignment specialists place the vehicle on a lift so the wheels can rotate while a computer determines their orientation. This information is used to then compare it to manufacturer's specifications for that vehicle's year, make, and model. Wheel balancing, at a cost of about $15 per tire, can be done when having a wheel alignment done at ABC Auto Care.