How Do I Stop Fan Belt Squealing?

ABC Auto Care picture of fan beltABC Auto Care knows that nothing can be more embarrassing than driving around the streets of the greater Ventura area with a squeaky fan belt under the hood of a car. Aside from being embarrassing, a squeaky fan belt can be mildly if not terribly bothersome when listening to it squeal for extended periods of time. Sometimes a belt will squeal upon starting a vehicle and will disappear shortly thereafter. Other times though the squealing belt problem will last for the duration of the time the car engine is running. ABC Auto Care is happy to offer the following free automotive repair advice to our customers in the Ventura area who have a problem with a squeaking fan belt.

Belt dressing is a product available at most auto repair supply stores and can work wonders when the instructions on the package are followed correctly. Belt dressing has the ability to work wonders for stopping a belt from squealing and prevent the squealing from returning for quite some after applied. If the noise persist, it usually means a part is on it's way to fail. Have your vehicle inspected professionally. We will be glad to perform that inspection for you,

ABC Auto Care always stresses to our customers in the Ventura area with a squealing fan belt that it is always important to be safe when working around an engine and turning off the engine is the best bet when applying either belt dressing or bar soap to a fan belt to solve a squealing belt problem.