Ventura CADiesel Truck Repair

Diesel Repair and Service Ventura Ford, GMC, Chevy and Dodge Ram Diesel

ABC Auto Care offers a complete range of repair and maintenance services for all diesel cars and light-duty trucks. Those in the Ventura area who rely on us for their diesel vehicle repair and service needs find our qualified and certified specialists to be well-trained and dedicated, using only the best parts available to ensure optimal results. DEF or Diesel exhaust fluid in your diesel tank or what happens when DEF in diesel. Has it happened to you, and your question is who fixes diesel exhaust fluid in the diesel tank? Or how to fix DEF in the diesel tank? Accidentally putting diesel exhaust fluid in the diesel tank is not the end of your diesel engine. It is however a time consuming and complicated repair that requires the replacement of many diesel fuel system components. To name a few, high pressure pump, fuel injectors, fuel rails and lines, fuel filter, sending unit and a thorough cleaning of the fuel tank. If your local dealer told you it would take a month, two months, or even longer to get the parts and fix your diesel truck. If you were told the High-pressure fuel contamination system kit is on backorder, wait no more! We have the diesel decontamination kits in stock and can finish your Dodge, Ford, Chevy or GMC diesel truck in one week. Do not put off that job you were going to do with your Diesel truck or take the family on vacation with the 5th wheeler, we can get you going in one week.

ABC Auto Care Services

  • Turbo
  • TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection)
  • Diesel Injectors
  • Injection Pump
  • DPFE
  • DEF Fluid Diesel Environmental Fluid
  • Diesel Fuel Filter
  • Performance
  • FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module)
  • Lift Pump

ABC Auto Care Specialities

  • Ford Light-Duty Trucks
  • Dodge Light-Duty Trucks
  • Chevrolet Light-Duty Trucks
  • GMC Light-Duty Trucks
  • VW TDI Li
  • Mercedes Sprinter Vans